Fresh Processed PEI Potatoes
and Vegetables for Retail & Wholesale

Garden Isle Farms Ltd. also uses the latest in processing equipment and technology to provide customers with top quality processed potatoes and vegetables.

At their modern processing facility located in Montague, Prince Edward Island,
Garden Isle Farms Ltd. can quickly and efficiently peel, cut, wash and ship processed potatoes and other vegetables directly to your operation.

Products currently being processed:

• Diced Potatoes
• Peeled Potatoes
• Parisienne Potatoes
• Petite Whole Potatoes
• Red Potato Wedges
• Peeled Carrots
• Diced Carrots
• Peeled Turnip
• Peeled Onion
• Diced Celery
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Have an idea for a product?

We will work directly with you to identify and assist in the production of your processed product. Please feel free to contact us.

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